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How to Properly Store Your Cigars

How to Properly Store Your CigarsAs you know, a cigar collection requires a certain level of care, and knowing how to properly store your cigars is crucial for your smoking experience. Many factors go into cigar care, and today our experts here at Black Cat Cigar Company are going to share their top tips and tricks on how to properly store and maintain your cigars. 

The Ideal Storage 

The best way to store your cigars is with a humidor. A humidor is a humidity-controlled storage unit, usually with an interior of untreated Spanish cedar or Mahogany wood. Most cigars are tropical products and need to be treated with conditions mimicking the tropical weather—high temperatures and high humidity. 

  • Seasoning a Humidor

  • Before storing your cigars in a humidor, you’ll need to make sure that your humidor is seasoned. To do so, you will need a humidifier, hygrometer, distilled water, a clean sponge, patience and time! It is essential that you don’t skip this step as your cigar collection will become dried out without properly seasoning your humidor.
  • Relegate the 70/70 Rule

    You can forget this age-old humidor rule! The 70/70 rule consists of keeping your humidor at a consistent 70% humidity and 70 degrees. While this sounds easy enough, if you live in an area that experiences seasonal changes, this is next to impossible. Instead, look at keeping your relative humidity anywhere from 64-72%. As for temperature, try keeping it between 65-70 degrees. It’s also best to keep your humidor in a room that has a consistent temperature and doesn’t receive direct sunlight. A dark environment that’s not damp works best.

    Cigar Upkeep  

    You’ve seasoned your humidor, calibrated your hygrometer and successfully regulated the humidity and temperature. All set, right? Not quite! To ensure your cigars stay fresh, make sure you follow a few maintenance tips: 

    • Rotate your cigars every 4 to 6 months. Remove all cigars from your humidor and move the cigars that occupied the top row to the bottom and vice versa. This ensures balanced humidity throughout.
    • Stack your cigars properly. The best way to store them in your humidor is to stack them by offsetting each row. Place a cigar in the space created between each cigar in the row underneath to establish proper airflow.  
    • Your humidor should be filled with cigars to at least 50% capacity to help keep the humidity consistent. If you have less than 50%, your humidor is working too hard to keep your cigars fresh. Consider a smaller humidor or purchasing more cigars.
    • Check your humidor and hygrometer at least once every two weeks to make sure everything is working properly.

    Why Black Cat Cigar Company

    Since 1983, Black Cat Cigar Company has been a leader in providing premium cigars at affordable prices. Black Cat is a family owned and operated business, committed to offering our customers the finest service and the best selection of cigars possible. To guarantee you are always enjoying a great tasting cigar, we offer an extensive line of humidors as well as humidification devices to allow proper storage of your collection. Contact us today at 1-800-220-9850 for all your cigar-smoking needs!  

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