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Leaf by Oscar
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Wrapper: Connecticut, Corojo or Maduro
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Country of Origin: Honduras
Cigar Strength: Medium - Full-Bodied


Leaf by Oscar is the creation of Jim "Island Jim" Robinson and the cigars are manufactured for him by Oscar Valladores in Honduras. This is the kind of product I've spent most of my life trying to stay away from, but this cigar is not only an incredible smoke, but is quite unique. At first, I thought it was "gimmicky", but now I know better.

Instead of the cigar being wrapped in cellophane, Leaf takes the most beautiful cigars and wraps them in an outer tobacco leaf for preservation. You remove this outer leaf much the same way you would remove cellophane.The motto is "You have to do a little work to get to the fruit". 

These gems, medium to full-bodied, produce a ton of flavor and are a true pleasure to smoke. The cigars feature a magnificent Connecticut, oily Corojo or rich, dark Maduro wrapper.

As I said earlier, I was very skeptical, but now I'm a true believer.

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